Our Story

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy.
They fell in love.
They are getting married.
See you there.
The end.

Just kidding, it’s a little more romantic than that…

How We Met

In May of 2018, Avni and Sanjit’s paths serendipitously crossed at a wedding in Orlando, Florida. After a mutual friend introduced them at the reception, the two lost track of time talking with each other. Unbeknownst to each other, they would end up falling for each other the very night they met.

What they talked about, who knows? With Sanjit embarking on a two-week Europe trip before starting residency in Cincinnati and Avni going back to LA to start her second year of residency, the two decided to keep in touch. Sanjit was so taken with Avni’s wit and charm, that, while on his trip to Europe, he found every Wifi hotspot imaginable so the two of them could chat on WhatsApp. Avni, stricken by Sanjit’s humor and cheerfulness, would find time in between seeing patients to respond to his messages. Realizing how strong their bond was, the two agreed to meet again and soon after went on their first date.

Over the next three years, the two visited each other as often as their residency schedules would allow. They shared their love for traveling to new places with each other, hiking the iconic scenery of places like New Zealand and Iceland, sampling various cuisines, and skiing the slopes of Colorado. Then, on one of their seemingly typical adventure-packed, mountain-climbing, waterfall-chasing vacations, Sanjit forced Avni to wake up unreasonably early one day to hike to a waterfall in Zion National Park. As they walked up to the waterfall, Avni was admiring the scenic views when turned around and found Sanjit on one knee…and the rest is history.

By the way, Avni said yes, if any of you are wondering...